South West Community Matters is a heritage project of South West Foundation continuing the Foundation's mission of investing in communities across the South West Region. 


South West Community Matters believes that investing in local people and local communties is the way to bring about lasting positive change, both to communties and to the individuals who live and work in those communties. 


We aim to achieve our mission through:

  • research to support the sector
  • provision of helpful development tools and information on funding
  • Support for those who provide funding


South West Community Matters has retained some of the sections and features from the South West Foundation website which you have told us that you find helpful. This includes an element of support for the sector, current and historic research reports into the sector and our funding booklet. We also have a new page which contains information about the new SOUTH WEST COMMUNITY FUND that we are working on with LHC / SWP (South West Procurement Alliance), providing small community grants across the South West Region. LHC bring buyers and suppliers together to build and maintain public property more efficiently and cost effectively, and to benefit the local community.





We have received an offer from Bradfords Building supplies. They have a quantity of plaster that they are looking to donate to community groups or charities in the South West who might be able to make use of it. They are offering to deliver the plaster free of charge. Please see the information below if you might be interested and contact Jonathan Hick at Bradfords Direct for more information.


During the lockdown earlier this year the UK manufacturer of plaster shut down.  To continue to provide plaster to our customers we purchased a continental European produced bagged plaster. UK tradesman did not see it as totally comparable, but it was used to carry out necessary works and keep jobs rolling! 


It is different in workability to the UK product and needs a closer adherence to instructions of use but it can be successfully used in most plastering conditions!


We have accepted the situation that UK tradesmen in general will not choose the European plaster now that the British product they know and love is readily available again.  But we still have stock available!  We’d hate to see the stock we have left of our European plaster unused, so our offer is that we will donate and deliver this FOC to any charities or community projects in the South West who can make good use of it.


If you think your organisation can take advantage of this we’d love to hear from you.  Just contact Jonathan Hick (  We will supply pallets free of charge, just tell us where the project is!

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